Based on the above points, we put forward that, after a lot of field investigation and specimen collection, identification, digital and other work, we should gradually promote the preparation of Flora of Kenya. This flora has the following characteristics: 1) as a separate flora which just covered Kenyan area; 2) all the included families, genera and species will be revised; 3) the arrangement should be based on the latest APG III system; 4) as far as possible to use photographs, and these photos should reflect all information and interspecific differences.

Flora of Kenya will record all the vascular plants about 7000 to 8000 species, and will published online all the families one by one. Paper painting will separate into 20 volumes, and be published later 10 to 15 years.

Flora of Kenya


Piperaceae VIEW


Goodeniaceae VIEW


Apocynaceae VIEW


Anacardiaceae VIEW


Acanthaceae VIEW


Asclepiaceae VIEW